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About Us


- We will deliver what you need.

Decades of trusted expertise in high value complex domestic and cross-border transactions

- We will structure and implement it for you.

Enthusiasm to build anew

- We are inspired, are desirous to embrace innovation and strive for continued improvement.

Commitment to preserving trust and adding value

- We will listen to you, will know your business expectations, will become your trusted business partner.

Complementing skills of highly talented and experienced lawyers

- You are in safe hands of lawyers who are leaders in their fields.

Local expertise with global reach

- We are experts on our jurisdiction, but capable of reaching out to best experts in other jurisdictions.

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To The Point Counselling

We are a solution-oriented, efficient and to-the-point team, providing legal counselling to our clients with a professional and strategic approach. We are committed to preserving the trust and synergy created by the strong relationships with our clients.

Our values match your values

We treasure the synergy we establish with our clients based on our core principles:

  • Deep knowledge - of law, the business, the intended result

  • Creativity - We take part in finding the solution and realising the result 

  • Efficiency - We combine capability, productivity and practicality

  • Responsiveness - We know clients come first 

  • Fair play - We treasure respect, integrity and principles 

  • Teamwork -  We believe it is only together that we can achieve the best

Global Reach

We provide high quality legal advice to our clients in cross border transactions through;

  • our close relations with other eminent law firms throughout the world; and

  • our non-exclusive membership with the First Law International Network (FLI), a global network of law firms, ranked by Chambers Global as an “Elite Global Network” composed of over 75 independent law firms,  each highly ranked in their respective jurisdictions, collectively providing seamless and integrated cross-border legal support to clients.

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